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Russia is a country in eastern Europe and northern and western Asia. In the past the term referred to the Russian Empire, a state that included several republics that are now independent. Russia was also the largest part of the former Soviet Union.

In far northern Russia, the treeless, frozen tundra displays a brief burst of color with the appearance of mosses, lichens, and shrubs during the short summer. In this region the ground is permanently frozen to great depths, and even in summer only a shallow surface layer thaws.

One of Points of intereste – See the picture of Russia : The Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Basil is a well-known landmark in Moscow. The richly ornamented building was commissioned by Russian tsar Ivan IV, also known as Ivan the Terrible, to commemorate victories in battle and built between 1555 and 1679. The chapels of Saint Basil’s are topped by colorful onion-shaped domes. Each dome is different in size and decoration.

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