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San Francisco - California

San Francisco California

After being shaken (and burned) to the ground by the great earthquake of 1906, San Francisco began to take its modern shape. Many of its most functional additions have become its most popular attractions. The Golden Gate Bridge, at the northern edge of the Presidio, was completed in 1937 and …

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Some of the most dramatic scenery in Ireland is found on the country’s northwestern coast. The tiny harbor at Raghly Point is dwarfed, even at a distance, by the Dartry Mountains. The flat-topped limestone summit in the background is Ben Bulben, which soars more than 520 m (1,730 ft) above …

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Florence city

Florence, located in north central Italy, is famous as the birthplace of the Renaissance, a period that began in 1300 and lasted 300 years. During the Renaissance some of the greatest artists, writers, and sculptors in history were attracted to Florence. The eight-sided dome of the cathedral known as the …

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Holidays in Zurich

Zürich has always attracted radical and revolutionary types. Lenin and the artists of the Dada movement lived here, as did Elias Canetti and James Joyce (who now lies in the Fluntern cemetery). On Spiegelgasse, a plaque commemorates the Cabaret Voltaire, which founded the Dadaist art movement. Voltaire’s original venue is …

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