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Some of the most dramatic scenery in Ireland is found on the country’s northwestern coast. The tiny harbor at Raghly Point is dwarfed, even at a distance, by the Dartry Mountains. The flat-topped limestone summit in the background is Ben Bulben, which soars more than 520 m (1,730 ft) above the coastal plain.

Southwest Ireland’s County Kerry is famous for its pristine lakes, green pastureland, and rolling sandstone hills. Macgillicuddy’s Reeks, the nation’s highest mountains, dominate the central part of County Kerry, where the stunning lakes of Killarney are among Ireland’s most famous attractions.

Stone fences line the main road on Inishmore, the largest of Ireland’s three Aran Islands. These rugged islands lie off the country’s west coast at the entrance to Galway Bay. Formed of limestone, the islands have very little topsoil, but farmers are able to grow rye and potatoes in a mixture of sand, seaweed, and manure. The land is more suitable for grazing cattle, which is the primary source of income.

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