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Holidays in Zurich

holidays in zurichholidays in zurichholidays in zurichholidays in zurich

Zürich has always attracted radical and revolutionary types. Lenin and the artists of the Dada movement lived here, as did Elias Canetti and James Joyce (who now lies in the Fluntern cemetery). On Spiegelgasse, a plaque commemorates the Cabaret Voltaire, which founded the Dadaist art movement. Voltaire’s original venue is now a bar, appropriately named Castel Dada (No.3, 266-1010).

Zurich and Holidays : The other major landmark is the literally unmissable Fraumünster church on Münsterhof. Its thin Gothic spire, dating from the 13th century, crowns five fabulous stained-glass windows designed by Chagall. Augusto Giacometti designed one of the other windows, and he’s also responsible for the fire-red and steel-blue window of the Nativity at the iconic Grossmünster cathedral on Münstergasse in the old town.

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Holidays in Zurich
holidays in zurich