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You probably won’t want to leave Copenhagen in the first place. After all, its medieval centre is perfectly scaled for strolling, then modern planners got in on the act by pedestrianising Europe’s longest shopping street, Strøget. Couple that with a child-friendly culture and an unusually handsome people, who can mostly speak near-perfect English, and you have possibly the perfect weekend break.

The Danes number only some five million, located visibly on the margins of Europe, and they share with that other outlying nation, Britain, a particular scepticism of the bureaucratic tendencies of Brussels. Having already rejected the euro, the Danes would really rather not be assimilated, thank you very much. And why would they need to be? Denmark is one of the richest countries in the world, though it’s a place that wears its wealth lightly, and that seems to avoid displays of conspicuous consumption.

The city’s architecture soars from medieval to rococo, and style varies from eclecticism to the cool designs of Arne Jacobsen. The impact Danes have had on the world of contemporary interiors is second only to their expertise in fairytales. You would need several weekends to cover all of Copenhagen’s sights, but to make the most of a single visit, invest in a Copenhagen Card , which offers free transport and access to museums and attractions. Some museums are free anyway and most don’t charge entry fees on Wednesdays.

.Copenhagen is the coolest kid on the Nordic block. Edgier than Stockholm and worldlier than Oslo, the Danish capital gives Scandinavia the X....Copenhagen is the capital and most populated city of Denmark. It has a municipal population of 591,481 and a larger urban population of 1,280,371 (as of 1 ....In Copenhagen you will find a wide range of entertainment, culture and shopping . You can enjoy a continental atmosphere and visit the classic destinations ...

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