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Colombia’s Caribbean coast is the ideal hangout for a hedonist. It’s got Cartagena, one of the Caribbean’s great cities, plus the sun, music, friendly people, great food and drink, tropical beaches and spectacular mountains. Colombia has a diverse population, and mestizos (people of mixed European and Native American ancestry) make up the largest ethnic group. Most Colombians are Roman Catholic, and many take part in religious ceremonies such as this one.

Travel guide and points of interest : Colombia’s Northeastern Coast
Vast stretches of desert sand meet the waves of the Caribbean Sea near Cabo de la Vela on Península de La Guajira. This arid northeastern region receives a mere 254 mm (10 in) of rain annually. Its scant vegetation reflects the low rainfall.

Sunlight dapples the lush undergrowth of a tropical rain forest along Colombia’s Pacific coast. An average annual rainfall of about 10,160 millimeters (about 400 inches) encourages a diversity of flora including mangroves, ferns, bamboo, rubber trees, and palms. As many as 1,500 species of brilliantly plumed tropical birds inhabit the region.

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