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Caribbean islands

Tropical and Subtropical North America and Caribbean Islands. Scattered tropical forests and woodlands still grow in the mountains of Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico and on some of the larger Bahama Islands. However, European colonialists imported African slaves 200 to 500 years ago to clear most of the natural …

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Cartagena Colombia

The incidence of tourist robberies in Cartagena (Colombia), one of the region’s main attractions, is negligible. It’s actually safer than London for visitors. And it is one of the Caribbean’s last undiscovered treasures. An outrageously reductive description would be to say that it is Havana without mass tourism. Simply strolling …

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Ayers Rock Australia

Threading your way through the night to watch the sun rise over Ayers Rock (or Uluru in Australia) : this is the big one! This is the emblematic event of a trip to the outback. The Rock, whose mystical pull is palpable even from a distance, is a sacred place …

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Alice Springs Park

Visit Alice Springs Park and Forget the Neville Shute novel – the fly-blown desert outpost of ‘A Town Like Alice’ is nothing like the place you encounter: a modern town with more four-wheel drives than Highgate. Almost any trip to the outback starts here, so it’s where you can equip …

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San-Agustín's Statues

Statue at San Agustín

The archaeological site of San Agustín (Statues) lies near the source of the Magdalena River in the province of Huila in Colombia. It was probably settled from the 6th century bc on. Its stone statues (for example, the Goddess of Motherhood seen here) are generally anthropomorphic figures, many of them wearing …

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Bogota city

Bogotá City, the capital of Colombia, is a mixture of old and new, a contrast reflected in its architecture. Many buildings from the colonial period survive in the center of this city situated high on a plateau in the Andes Mountains.  The cool climate and high elevations of the Cordillera …

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Melbourne city

Founded in 1835 by pioneers from Tasmania, Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city and the capital of the state of Victoria. Its multicultural population of nearly 3 million comes from succeeding waves of immigrants, including Europeans after World War II and Southeast Asians since the 1970s. Visit City of Melbourne in …

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Image of Dubrovnik

When film stars go to Croatia, they go to Dubrovnik (see images). Following in the grand tradition of Richard and Liz, John Malkovich and sundry Hollywood names flock to this historic jewel at Croatia’s far southern tip to hang out, dine, fish, sail, island-hop and put in ludicrously high bids …

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Kings Canyon Australia

Visit Kings Canyon in Australia – It’s down the Lasseter and Luritja highways to Ernest Giles Road, named after the first white man to clap eyes on Kings Canyon who wrote that if the canyon ‘could be transported to any civilised land, its springs, glens, gorges, ferns and flowers would …

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Visit Moscow

Travel, tourism, points of interest … Visit Moscow ! Long-term Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has taken on a high-cost transformation of Moscow – from staid, Stalinist monolith to modern cosmopolitan metropolis – but there are worries that key aspects of its character could be lost in the process. And despite Moscow’s …

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