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Venice city

Venice is a dream shimmering on the waters, a city of painted palaces and serene churches. Except that in this case, the dream came true. This unique urban masterpiece has canals instead of streets, boats instead of buses, and ornate bridges instead of subways. A trip to Venice offers an …

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Nice city

In line with its status as France’s fifth largest city – Nice still has an undeniably sophisticated touch, with its café terraces and emblematic, palm-lined seaside promenade stretching for several miles along the water. Nice City may have changed over the years – gaining something of a reputation for its …

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City of Dubrovnik

On the north flank of the city walls that encircle Dubrovnik’s beautiful Old Town, near Ploce Gate, a map plots the exact points where the shells fell during the six-month Serb bombardment a decade or so ago. Two out of every three buildings in the city were damaged. Dubrovnik has …

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Paris city

Well, it’s hardly surprising. When was a city like Paris so often filmed, photographed, fêted, painted, hymned, sung about, written up, talked up, dreamed of, reported, coveted? Its museums and monuments are household names all over the world, its way of life – something to do with long lunches, red …

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Antibes city

Antibes, town in southern France, in Alpes-Maritimes Department, near Nice. A port city in a flower growing region on the French Riviera, Antibes is also a popular tourist destination; there are several luxury resorts here. Founded as Antipolis in 340 bc by Greek colonists from Massalia (modern-day Marseille), the town …

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Venice tourism

Points of interest and Venice tourism : the Grand Canal delineates the six main central neighbourhoods (sestieri). The heart of the city is San Marco, cradled by the great lower bend of the Grand Canal, the Venice of tourist brochure legend. Much of don’t-miss Venice is here, but if you …

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Trieste City

Travel solutions: Trieste, Italy. Time Out samples the laidback delights and sensational cuisine of this Italian town on the fringe of Eastern Europe. Once part of the Austrian Hapsburg empire, Trieste was ceded to Italy after WWI. Geographically the city is still apart. Competition with Venice is strong (‘They copied …

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Wallis and Futuna

Set in the very deep heart of the South Pacific Ocean, the islands of Wallis and Futuna in spite of the overwhelming assaults of modernity have, until nowadays successfully maintened their traditions and customury way of living ; it takes quite a few time for the overseas and foreign visitor …

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Holidays in France

First things first: the best way to prepare your holidays in France is to go to your local travel agency before you leave ! But once you are in France, the following information could come in very handy. Come to France To organise your trip, contact the specialists: they can …

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