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Ural Mountains

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The Ural Mountains extend for 2,400 km (1,500 mi) from the Arctic Ocean in the north to the steppes of Kazakhstan in the south. The Urals are traditionally considered the boundary between the European and Asian continents.

Ural Mountains : mountain system running from northern Russia southward to the Kirgiz Steppe in Kazakhstan. It is the traditional dividing line between Asia and Europe. Its highest peak is Mount Narodnaya, 1,894 m/6,214 ft (Length: 2,400 km/1,490 mi).

.The Ural Mountains are probably the richest mountain range of their size in the world. These mountains are remarkable in the variety and amount of mineral ....Feb 23, 2016 ... Ural Mountains, also called the Urals, Russian Uralskie Gory or Ural, mountain range forming a rugged spine in west-central Russia and the ....May 7, 2012 ... The Ural Mountains have long been considered the traditional boundary/dividing line between Europe and Asia.

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Ural Mountains
ural mountains