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Kilimanjaro Tanzania

Northeastern Tanzania features the tallest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, which lies near the border of Kenya. The mountain has two volcanic peaks, spaced 11 km (7 mi) apart, with the higher of the two rising 5,895 m (19,341 ft). Farmers cultivate coffee beans and plantains on Kilimanjaro’s lower slopes.

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Serengeti National Park

Burchell’s zebras and blue wildebeests roam Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, one of the last places in Africa where large animal migrations still occur. During the wet season herds with numbers in the thousands populate the southeastern plains of the park. In the dry season the animals migrate westward into …

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Key West Florida

At the end of the road, like a tropical island version of Oz , lies the inimitable Key West (lots of lizards, no wizards). Forget all the rules when you enter this world of street performers, artists, pavement cafes, funky saloons, historic B&Bs and a sunset celebration second to none. …

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City of Carcassonne

Walls surrounding the ancient French city of Carcassonne, known as the Cité, have helped preserve one of the most beautiful European fortifications. Some towers and ramparts date from the 5th century, when Visigoths overran what was then a Roman settlement. The newer business district, Ville Basse, spreads at the base.

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Lascaux cave

The most significant and extensive site for Paleolithic art was discovered by chance in 1940, tucked away in a cave in the Vezere Valley, near Montignac. More than 2,000 engraved and painted representations of animals and geometric figures-dating from 15,000 to 9,000 bc-cover the walls of the Lascaux cave. So …

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Megalithic Monuments of Brittany

Megalithic ruins dot the countryside of Brittany in northwest, particularly near the town of Carnac. Tomblike structures called dolmens, upright monoliths called menhirs, burial mounds, and vast stone circles are among the remainders of this region’s prehistoric past.

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Vineyard in Bordeaux

Grape-filled wooden vats attest to the riches of a vineyard in Bordeaux. Recognized throughout the world as a premier wine producer, the Bordeaux region is especially renowned for its Médoc and Sauterne labels. Many famous vineyards, including Château Mouton-Rothschild, are located in the productive Bordeaux area.

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Tourism Lithuania

Major tourist attractions for visitors to Lithuania ! Island Castle, on the shores of Galvės Ežeras, was built in the 14th century to fend off German knights. Situated in the old capital city of Trakai in southern Lithuania, the castle is linked to the mainland by footbridges.Rolling meadows interspersed with …

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Image of Vilnius

Lithuania’s capital and largest city, Vilnius is located on the Neris River in the southeastern part of the country. Since its founding in 1323, the city has been a hub of European trade and culture, and now is an important industrial, commercial, and transportation center. The old section of the …

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