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Iron Gates Gorge

iron gates gorgeiron gates gorgeiron gates gorgeiron gates gorge

The Iron Gates is a spectacular series of gorges along the Danube River in the border region of Serbia and Romania. A hydroelectric project was completed in the Iron Gate in 1972 as a joint effort between Romania and the former Yugoslavia. The project includes a dam and two power plants.

.Aug 9, 2006 ... These gorges are known as the Iron Gate. Within the last of the four gorges is the Danube's second iron gate: the Iron Gate Dam. Both of the ....Aug 20, 2010 ... The Iron Gate (Romanian: Portile de Fier) is a gorge on the Danube River. It forms part of the boundary between Serbia and Romania. In the ....Jul 11, 2016 ... The Iron Gates of the Danube River originally consisted of four narrow gorges and three wide basins spread over several miles of the river ...

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Iron Gates Gorge
iron gates gorge