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Image of Vilnius

image of vilniusimage of vilniusimage of vilniusimage of vilnius

Lithuania’s capital and largest city, Vilnius is located on the Neris River in the southeastern part of the country. Since its founding in 1323, the city has been a hub of European trade and culture, and now is an important industrial, commercial, and transportation center. The old section of the city contains many buildings that survived heavy bombing and German occupation during World War II (1939-1945).

.The Divine Mercy Sanctuary or the Holy Trinity Church in Vilnius, Lithuania is a Roman Catholic shrine dedicated to the ....29 Photos That Prove Lithuania Is The Most Beautiful Country You've Never Visited. The nation that ... Old Town, Vilnius ... Getty Images/iStockphoto MVorobiev..Divine Mercy - Vilnius The Vilnius image is the original version painted by art professor Eugene Kazimierowski under the supervision of St. Faustina and her ...

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Image of Vilnius
image of vilnius