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Image of Venice

image of veniceimage of veniceimage of veniceimage of venice

Point of interest and image of Venice : Piazza San Marco is linked to the busy Rialto market district by the bustling Mercerie, which passes through church-filled squares, such as campo San Salvador, whose cloisters now house the Telecom Italia Future Centre , which provides a journey through advances in information technology. The route from the Rialto to the Accademia and back to piazza San Marco winds through ornate squares and past the church of Santo Stefano and its leaning tower.

.Venice happens to be the beautiful capital of Veneto, Italy. Here are 20 stunning pictures of Venice. Venice. Walking on Rialto by Arianna Marchesani. Venice..Photo gallery: pictures of Venice. Streets and alleys · St. Mark's Square · Doge's Palace · Rialto Bridge · Venice Carnival · Canal Grande. Ratings: 5 / 5 |..See Venice photos and pictures of Italian culture, history, and travel from National Geographic.

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Image of Venice
image of venice