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City of Carcassonne

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Walls surrounding the ancient French city of Carcassonne, known as the Cité, have helped preserve one of the most beautiful European fortifications. Some towers and ramparts date from the 5th century, when Visigoths overran what was then a Roman settlement. The newer business district, Ville Basse, spreads at the base.

.City guide to Carcassonne, La cite, Languedoc-Roussillon, south France..Historic Fortified City of Carcassonne. Since the pre-Roman period, a fortified settlement has existed on the hill where Carcassonne now stands. In its present ....An American is sweating heavily under the blazing Carcassonne sun. Sitting across from the ramparts, he tells his two teenage sons the history of the city. "I read ...

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City of Carcassonne
city of carcassonne