Serengeti National Park

Burchell’s zebras and blue wildebeests roam Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, one of the last places in Africa where large animal migrations still occur. During the wet season herds with numbers in the thousands populate the southeastern plains of the park. In the dry season the animals migrate westward into …

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San Francisco city

At just 49 square miles, San Francisco packs as much into its tiny waterbound area as most cities three times its size. From a history rich with moneygrubbing, gun slinging and prostitution, to a present abundant with culture, food, and, um, moneygrubbing, San Francisco’s is a tall tale – only …

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Saint Pierre and Miquelon french territory

Saint-Pierre and Miquelon: a strong character of the North Atlantic. This island used to be a port of call for bold fishermen from Normandy, Brittany, or the Basque Country. Nowadays, this is an islander community with a strong character, because of the harsh living conditions. The Maison Grise and the …

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In contrast to Bolivia’s arid and treeless altiplano, northern and eastern Bolivia are covered by tropical rain forests and grassland plains. These lowlands make up more than half of the nation’s land area but are home to only a small percentage of the population. Those who live here raise cattle …

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Key West Florida

At the end of the road, like a tropical island version of Oz , lies the inimitable Key West (lots of lizards, no wizards). Forget all the rules when you enter this world of street performers, artists, pavement cafes, funky saloons, historic B&Bs and a sunset celebration second to none. …

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Map of Martinique

A geographical location, Map of Martinique. With is 1100 Km², the french island is a volcanic isle, located between Dominique in north and Sainte Lucie in south (between the Cancer tropic and Equator, in central america), separate respectively by two canals : Dominique canal in north and Sainte Lucie canal …

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New Caledonia

Before James Cook arrived in 1774, in New Caledonia, there were about 300 Kanak clans on the island. Then, he re-named the big island to pay homage to Scotland. It soon went into French hands and is still an important maritime port. The ancient Civilization – The Melanesian people met …

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The Everglades

With around a million acres of wilderness, the Everglades  has more outdoors than you can shake a well-worn field guide at. The most popular tourist pursuits are well documented, and most localities have opportunities for the Everglader-about-town to enjoy airboat tours, kayaking trips, swamp safaris or bird-watching excursions. Everglades National …

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