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Map of france belgium

map of france belgiummap of france belgiummap of france belgiummap of france belgium

Belgium is situated between France and the plains of northern Europe, see map of France-Belgium, and it borders the North Sea. Because of its geographic position as a crossroads of Europe, Belgium has been a major commercial center since the Middle Ages. The North Sea has been the country’s outlet for trade with the rest of the world. Belgium’s geographic location has also given it strategic importance, and many battles have been fought for control of the area. Belgium became an independent country in 1830.

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.In 1549, under the Pragmatic Sanction, the Seventeen Provinces were formed in modern-day Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and parts of France..Belgium is located in North West Europe. It is bound by the Netherlands to the north, France to the south, Germany to the east, Luxembourg to the southeast and ....AA Road map France, Belgium & the Netherlands combines clear design and an easy-to-read scale with more road detail to ensure that you never lose your ...

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Map of france belgium
map of france belgium