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Map of Belgium

map of belgiummap of belgiummap of belgiummap of belgium

The country , see map of Belgium, is divided into three regions—Flanders, Wallonia, and Brussels. In Flanders, which consists of the provinces to the north and west of Brussels, most of the people speak Dutch (Flemish) and are known as Flemings. In Wallonia, the provinces south and east of Brussels, most of the people speak French and are known as Walloons. Each region has a great deal of autonomy (self-rule), but friction between Flemings and Walloons continues to the present day.

.Red dots and icons indicate clickable items. Green dots represent the 24 most beautiful villages of Wallonia according to the association of the same name..Belgium Map for free download - Printable Map of Belgium for free download and use. The Kingdom of Belgium is located in Western Europe and is known for its ....Map is showing Belgium, officially the Kingdom of Belgium, a federal monarchy in Western Europe bordered in northwest by the North Sea. The country is ...

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Map of Belgium
map of belgium