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Tourism in moscow

tourism in moscowtourism in moscowtourism in moscowtourism in moscow

Points of interest and Tourism in Moscow : Great Kremlin Palace : The Moscow (Moskva) River flows past the gilded domes of the 15th-century Uspensky Cathedral and the imposing Great Kremlin Palace, both enclosed by the medieval fortress walls of Moscow’s Kremlin. Originally constructed in 1156 and refortified many times to ward off attacks by the Mongols, the Kremlin is today the seat of the Russian government.

Red Square in Moscow has long been the center stage of Moscow life. It was the scene of ceremonies under the ruling tsars beginning in the 16th century. During the Soviet period, important state holidays such as May Day and the anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution were celebrated here. The “Red” in the name of the square comes not from the color but from the Russian word krasnaya, meaning “beautiful.” In addition to the Kremlin, the most notable structure bordering the famous square is the ornate St. Basil’s Cathedral.

.Moscow is huge, exciting and exhausting at the same time. If you just visit The Red Square and Kremlin you won't get the whole picture. To enjoy the city you ....Moscow travel guide for tourists and business travelers. Full and accurate online information and travel services to help plan any trip to Moscow, Russia..Tourism in Russia has seen rapid growth since the late Soviet times, first inner tourism and then ..... Moscow and Saint Petersburg feature such world-renowned museums as Hermitage and Tretyakov Gallery, famous theaters including Bolshoi ...

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Tourism in moscow
tourism in moscow