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Tourism in australia

tourism in australiatourism in australiatourism in australiatourism in australia

Tourisme, points of interest : Visit Australia : A hiker enjoys the sunny solitude of the Macdonnell Ranges, which run a parallel east-west course along the northern edge of Alice Springs in central Australia. Tree-shaded canyons, reflecting pools, and stands of white-barked ghost gums greet visitors to the Macdonnell Ranges, where red cliff walls rise above creek basins. The mountains’ dramatic gorges and valleys shelter a variety of wildlife and treasures such as aboriginal rock carvings, gold, garnet, and beryl. Beyond the mountains to the southwest is Uluru (Ayers Rock), one of the largest monoliths in the world.

The Flinders Ranges of Australia run northward from the Gulf Saint Vincent into the Outback. Although the climate is dry, there is a variety of vegetation, including wildflowers that carpet the region in the spring. Brachina Gorge, one of the area’s most scenic points, is located in Flinders Ranges National Park.

Cape York Peninsula is located in northern Queensland, Australia, where the Indian and Pacific oceans meet. The peninsula contains some of the wildest and least-developed land on the continent. The region experiences heavy precipitation almost year-round, supporting rain forests on its eastern slopes and flooded swamps in the western lowlands.

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Tourism in australia
tourism in australia