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The huts of Lepenski Vir at Djerdap punctuate the hills above the Danube River in Serbia. The oldest known settlement on the Danube, Lepenski Vir was moved from its original site on the banks of the river to protect it from floods caused by a nearby hydroelectric dam. Southern Serbia is the home of Muslim Roma (Gypsies) who often perform in local restaurants, at weddings, and in street celebrations. Many Serbian soldiers learned to play the trumpet as part of military training, and the instrument has become a symbol for southern Serbs. Brass bands play an eclectic mix of military marches and traditional folk dance tunes featuring asymmetric rhythms.

A flock of sheep finds pasture in the hills of Serbia. Agriculture and livestock raising are traditional mainstays of the economy in Serbia. After the Croatian army recaptured the Serb-controlled region of Krajina in August 1995, many Croatian Serbs fled eastward to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The war in Croatia, which began in the summer of 1991, displaced more than 250,000 people.

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