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los angeles citylos angeles citylos angeles citylos angeles city

The Los Angeles metropolitan area acts as a center for the motion picture, radio and television broadcasting, and music recording industries. Many large corporations and financial institutions also use Los Angeles as their headquarters. High above the smog of central Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory has a much clearer view of the stars than the rest of the city. The world-famous observatory is perched high in the Hollywood Hills, in Griffith Park, a large park in the middle of the huge metropolis.

A building boom led to the construction of many glossy new skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles during the 1980s and 1990s. But the downtown area still lacked street life in the evenings. Downtown development efforts in the early 2000s focused on residential construction and additional cultural amenities. Rodeo Drive is a famous shopping area in Los Angeles, California, that attracts both shoppers and tourists. The plaza shown here offers some of the area’s most exclusive stores.

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.Le Los Angeles City Hall est l'hôtel de ville abritant la mairie de Los Angeles. L' immeuble, haut de 138 mètres, a été construit en 1928 à l'instigation du maire ....Jump to the City Directory ... Calendar of Events · Culture LA · Discover Los Angeles · El Pueblo De Los Angeles · LA Parks & Recreation · LA Zoo · More ....27 jobs ... An Airport Police Officer is a sworn peace officer, authorized to carry a firearm who enforces federal and state regulations, City of Los Angeles ordinances ...

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Los Angeles city
los angeles city