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Grenada has a heavily forested, mountainous interior. Hikers are attracted by its mountain lakes nestled in volcanic craters, swift-flowing streams and waterfalls, and dense rain forests. The Grand Etang Forest Reserve is a popular destination for hikers and birdwatchers.

Grenadians stop to rest and talk on the roadside during a fiesta. In everyday speech, most Grenadians use an English-based creole that includes French and African words. The country’s official language, used in businesses and schools, is English.

Every Saturday residents of Grenada crowd Market Square in the city of Saint George’s to buy farm produce and other goods. Farmers on Grenada grow vegetables and fruits such as yams, pumpkins, cassava, and corn, and they sell their produce at local markets. Grenada’s economy depends on cash crops, which grow in the fertile valleys that lie between the volcanic mountains that formed the Caribbean island. Citrus fruit is among the country’s principal agricultural exports. Here, fresh produce is gathered in bulk for sale.

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