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City of Nimes

city of nimescity of nimescity of nimescity of nimes

Not far from the southern French city of Nîmes, the three-tiered Pont du Gard spans the Gard, a river. The Roman aqueduct, built in 19 bc, was part of a 60-kilometer-long (37-mile-long) network that carried water from nearby mountains to Nîmes. Having survived more than 2,000 years, the Pont du Gard still towers over the river.

.Nîmes, city, Gard département, Languedoc-Roussillon région, southern France, south-southwest of Lyon. Situated at the foot of some barren hills called the ....Located between the sea and the Cevennes hills, Nîmes is one of the most attractive towns in Mediterranean France. The city was established by the Romans, ....Informations sur le magasin Carrefour City Nimes République : adresse, horaires , numéro de téléphone, services et promotions.

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City of Nimes
city of nimes