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Gracanica Monastery

gracanica monasterygracanica monasterygracanica monasterygracanica monastery

The monastery of Gracanica near Priština (Serbia) was built in 1321 as an endowment from Serbian King Milutin. The well-preserved building, with its five domes and rectangular ground plan in the form of a double cross, represents one of the most beautiful examples of Serbian medieval architecture. The monastery is decorated with narrative frescoes depicting King Milutin and Queen Simonida, the Virgin Mary, and the Assumption of the Holy Mother.

.New Gracanica Monastery Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God Serbian Orthodox Diocese of New Gracanica – Midwestern America. A link to a nice ....Gračanica (pronounced [ɡratʃǎnitsa]; Serbian: Манастир Грачаница, Manastir Gračanica or Albanian Manastiri i Graçanicës) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery ....View the monastery grounds, including the church from the outside. Church interior. Move around the church or select a few interesting points for viewing.

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Gracanica Monastery
gracanica monastery